Rewards for shoppers supports (almost) any kind of cashback promotion: Single receipt, multiple receipt, single item, multiple items or even full category.

Shoppers easily scan the paper receipt with their mobile phone and receive immediate rewards.

Donate to Charity
Get as a gift card
Bank account transfer
Next purchase coupons

Get real money - with instant cash-back reward

Scan the QR Code, enter your phone number - and we will send your reward instantly according to your choice:
Cash-back transfer to your bank account, in-store coupon, gift-card, or even a donation in the sum of your reward to a good cause.

Almost limitless options for cash-back rewards

Multiple Receipts & Multiple Products

Instant Cash-Back Reward

The basics for shoppers

By purchasing promoted items in a affiliated store, you’ll find a QR code printed on the receipt. Scan this QR code to get cash rewards.

You can redeem by bank transfer, charity donation, or gift cards. In some cases you can use the money as a discount for your next purchase. Tell us if you would like us to add any additional options.

All of your receipts and rewards appear in your dashboard. By clicking on a specific receipt you’ll redirect to a summary page with the content of that receipt.

Privacy matters. First of all: to get your cash-back rewards we only ask for your phone number to make sure you are an individual and not a bot – no personal details required. won’t share your phone number or any other personal details with 3rd parties without your consent. We do, however, analyze shopping data anonymously in order to create better and more relevant cash rewards for you.

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